Dec.11 (Wednesday)
10:00-10:10Welcome by Prof. T. Maskawa, Director General
10:10-12:55Session 1: Lattice Gauge Theory
Chairperson:W. Bardeen
10:10-10:40Y. Iwasaki, "Global Structure of Conformal Theories in the SU(3) Gauge Theory" [PDF]
10:40-11:20J. Kuti, "The Higgs particle and the lattice" [PDF]
11:20-11:40Coffee break
Chairperson:K. Yamawaki
11:40-12:10Y. Aoki, "The KMI phi project" [PDF]
12:10-12:25H. Ohki, "Conformal dynamics in Nf=12 lattice QCD" [PDF]
12:25-12:40K.-i. Nagai, "Walking signals in eight-flavor QCD on the lattice" [PDF]
12:40-12:55T. Yamazaki, "Lattice study of flavor-singlet scalar in large Nf QCD" [PDF]
14:30-18:40Session 2: Physics at LHC, Flavor Physics, Theory of Standard Model and Beyond, M Theory and AdS/CFT Correspondence
Chairperson:M. Tanabashi
14:30-15:00T. Iijima, "Physics at SuperKEKB/Belle II" [pptx]
15:00-15:20K. Hayasaka, "Computing system at Belle II experiment" [PDF]
15:20-15:50M. Tomoto, "The results of LHC-ATLAS 8TeV Run" [PDF]
15:50-16:10H. Shimizu, "Fundamental Physics with Slow Neutrons" [PDF]
16:10-16:30Coffee break
Chairperson:N. Maekawa
16:30-16:50M. Kurachi, "Collider phenomenology of techni-hadrons"
16:50-17:10K. Tobe, "Muon g-2 and LHC phenomenology in the $L_\mu-L_\tau$ gauge symmetric model" [PDF]
17:10-17:40T. Aoyama, "Precise Determination of QED Contribution to Lepton g-2" [PDF]
17:40-18:10R. Janik, "Strongly coupled plasma - hydrodynamics, thermalization and nonequilibrium behavior" [PDF]
18:10-18:40S. Moriyama, "M-theory and matrix models" [pptx]
19:00-21:00Session 3: Dinner and Poster
Dec.12 (Thursday)
9:00-13:00Session 4: Dark Matter and Astroparticle Physics, Observational Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravity
Chairperson:Y. Itow
9:00-9:30O. Sato, "Evidence for νμ→ντ oscillation by appearance mode from OPERA experiment" [pptx]
9:30-10:00T. Naka, "Nulcear Emulsion Technology and Directional Dark Matter Study" [pptx]
10:00-10:30H. Sekiya, "Quest for dark matter by direct detection experiments with noble liquids" [pptx]
10:30-11:00H. Tajima, "Quest for Dark Matter with Cosmic Gamma-ray Observations" [PDF]
11:00-11:20Coffee break
Chairperson:S. Nojiri
11:20-11:50G. Hasinger, "Formation and evolution of Black Holes in Cosmic Backgrounds" [pptx]
11:50-12:20C. Hikage, "Unveiling cosmic structure formation with galaxy imaging and redshift surveys" [PDF]
12:20-12:45S. D. Odintsov, "Accelerating cosmology in modified gravity and neutron stars" [PDF]
12:45-13:00K. Bamba, "Dark energy cosmology in F(T) gravity" [PDF]
13:00-14:30Group photo and Lunch
14:30-18:00Meeting with International Advisory Board (IAB) members (closed) (at ES635)
Dec.13 (Friday)
9:00-11:35Session 5: Hadron and others
Chairperson:M. Harada
9:00-9:30L. McLerran, "New Forms of Strongly Interacting Matter at High Energy Density" [PDF]
9:30-9:55C. Nonaka, "Relativistic hydrodynamics in high-energy heavy ion collisions" [PDF]
9:55-10:15T. Sako, "Recent status of LHCf to improve the cosmic-ray air shower modeling" [pptx]
10:15-10:35Coffee break
Chairperson:M. Kobayashi
10:35-11:05A. Suzuki, "Strategic HEP Projects in Japan" [pptx]
11:05-11:35J. Hisano, "A personal view on future of searches for beyond the standard model" [pptx]
11:35-11:45Closing of open sessions (H. Kunieda)
14:00-16:00Report from IAB (closed, at ES635)