KMI 2023
International Symposium

Final Circular

The 5th KMI International Symposium

on “Quest for the Origin of Particles and the Universe”
Final Circular (2023/02/13)


1. Scientific Program

The program can be found on the webpage. The conference will start at 9:00 on Monday, February 20th, and end at 18:45 on Tuesday, February 21st.
After the KMI symposium, we will also have a “KMI flash” in the morning on Wednesday, February 22thon the day, where Ph-D students and young PD show their scientific results briefly. We would be happy if you could also join it if you have time.

2. Zoom

We ask all the participants to register with the zoom: Registration URL for Zoom

3. Registration

Registration starts at 8:30 on Monday, February 20th. Please pick up your name card and other documents. We do not require a registration fee.

4. Conference venue

All the sessions will be held at ES Hall on the ground floor of the ES Building at Nagoya University, Higashiyama campus. The location of the building and more details can be found in KMI webpage. See also Campus Map (in PDF)

5. Access

An access guide to the Higashiyama Campus, where the conference will be held, from the airport and the train stations, can be found in a transportation guide to Nagoya University.


6. Information for Speakers

We ask all the speakers to give the talks via HDMI connection or zoom mentioned in 2. Zoom by using your computer or tablet. In the case that you do not mind if your file of the presentation becomes public, we would be happy if you could upload the file from the webpage.

7. Network service

Nagoya University provides a wireless network system for the guests. You can connect SSID “nuwnet”. When you start a browser, you will be asked Username and Password. They can be found on your name tag. Connection via “eduroam” is also available.

8. General Information


Participants are asked to take lunch by themselves. There are cafeterias, some restaurants, and cafes. Please see the campus map available at the registration desk or see a Campus Map (Opens PDF).


No Currency Exchange

No currency exchange is available in and near the campus. Therefore, we suggest you exchange currency at the airport. Note that credit cards are not widely used in Japan. They can be used at most of hotels, major stores, and JR stations, but they may not be accepted at small shops, subway stations, etc.


9. Weather

The climate is usually cold in Nagoya in February. The temperature ranges from 0 (min.) to 10 (max.) degrees Celsius. You are suggested to wear warm enough clothes and a coat.


10. Contact