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Using the powerful Japanese Subaru telescope, the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) survey collaboration team has made and analyzed the deepest wide field map of the three-dimensional distribution of matter in the Universe. The reserach team, including researchers from Nagoya University, Professor Naoshi Sugiyama at KMI/Graduate School of Science, Lecturer Atsushi Nishizawa and Assistant Professor Hironao Miyatake at Institute for Advanced Research, has used the gravitational distortion of images of about 10 million galaxies to make a precise measurement of the lumpiness …


Dr. Atsushi Nishizawa from the Center for Theoretical Studies won the 13th Seitaro Nakamura Award of the year from the Particle Research Scholarship Foundation. The award named after Dr. Seitaro Nakamura (1913-2007), who had produced substantial researches on theoretical particle physics particlularly on two-meson and beta decay, was established in 2006 in order to encourage yound researchers for their future endeavors in particle physics and the related field. The research paper of the award: “Generalized framework for testing gravity with …


On August 10th, KMI organized the 2008 Nobel Prize Exhibition Hall tour as a part of the open campus event. We were proud of introducing the rich history of the department of physics at Nagoya University, Kobayashi-Maskawa Theory and the Belle experiment which led to the Nobel Prize, and our current researches and prospects. Many of the attendees were high school stundets, who were listening to the guides with enthusiasm and wonder.


Our introductory movie, “KMI Film” is released and now available on YouTube! The film elegantly illustrate the mission of KMI, the world leading researches that we pursue, the synergy between theories and experiments, and the collaboration beyond the border, all of which are the unique signatures of KMI. Started in March 2018, our members, both theorists and experimentalists, were actively involved in this project in order to create an appealing film. The three-days film shooting took place in May 2018 …


Particle physicists at Nagoya University were very excited watching the memorial event of the new international experimental project, the Belle II experiment using the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider at the KEK laboratory in Japan. On April 26 at 0:38 JST, 2018, the electron and position beams collided each other for the first time, and the particle reaction made by the collision was recorded by the Belle II particle detector. This is one of the greatest milestones of the project. The excitement …