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Message from Director

I am honored to be appointed as the Director of the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI). I would like to offer a few words of greeting.

In October 2019, KMI was designated as a cornerstone of basic science under the umbrella of the Nagoya University Institute for Advanced Study (NAIAS). In 2023, The Flavor Physics International Research Center (FlaP) was newly launched to further expand activities in KMI.
KMI is playing a role as an international research hub with variety of programs to send young researchers to abroad for extended period, to invite foreign researchers and to host international workshops. KMI also organizes the annual international school (KMI School). We will maintain our dedication to expanding KMI’s role as a globally recognized research hub.

The image displayed on the KMI signboard, as seen in the photo, illustrates the evolution of the universe, reflecting the diverse research themes we are exploring in KMI. KMI researchers are engaged in a variety of projects across the trans-scale area from subatomic particles to the cosmos. I am looking forward to see intriguing findings by these projects in comingthe coming years. We will push forward the front of our research, by following Nagoya University’s tradition of pioneering theoretical research and advanced technology development.
By integrating these studies, we aim to unveil the “Mysteries of the Dark Universe” that include unravelling how antimatter vanished from the universe and uncovering the true nature of dark matter and dark energy. It is our ambition to share these groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the passion of our researchers with the broader community.

Best regards

April 2024
Director Toru Iijima