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For Students

Although KMI at Nagoya University does not directly accept students, we do support the education for of Nagoya University graduate students and involve them in our research. Many of KMI members also belong to laboratories of the Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Mathematics and Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE) in Nagoya University. If you are interested in studying and working with KMI people, please consider applying to Nagoya University.
For general information about Nagoya University’s admission, please refer to the following URL.

KMI has researchers from several fields in particle physics: theoretical research, accelerator experiments, and space observation. Please directly contact members you are interested in working with, so you can be advised on which course you should apply to.

Once you become a graduate student in Nagoya University or any other University, please consider participating in the KMI School, our annual international school for graduate students, and in the KMI Symposium, which is held every two years. The next KMI School will be held in winter or early spring. We will post information about this event on this website and our social media (FB, TW), so please stay tuned.
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