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Flavor Physics International Research Center (FlaP)

The International Research Center for Flavor Physics was established in April 2023 with the aim of promoting international research and education in physics, specifically focusing on particle flavors. It anticipates significant progress in the field during the 2020s, and endeavors to discover new physics beyond the standard model.

Through collaboration between the Division of Experimental Studies and the Division of Theoretical Studies, the center aims to advance research in various fields. These include B mesons and tau lepton decay in the Super B Factory experiment, top quarks and Higgs bosons in the high-luminosity LHC/ATLAS experiment, as well as high-precision and high-sensitivity experiments on muons, neutrinos and neutrons at J-PARC. Additionally, the center will focus on conducting more comprehensive and multifaceted research on subatomic particles.

As a center for promoting international collaborations at Nagoya University, we will not only lead the development of cutting-edge measurement devices and utilize advanced data science for data analysis, but also facilitate interdisciplinary research across various projects. Our primary focus will be unraveling the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of antimatter from the Universe.