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Upcoming launch of XRISM satellite!

CG images of XRISM Satellite / credit : JAXA

The X-ray astronomy satellite XRISM, primarily developed by JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), is set to launch on August 26th September 7th (Thursday).

Equipped with the world’s most advanced X-ray spectroscopic capability, the XRISM satellite will shed light on the dynamic nature of the universe. It will unveil the velocity, turbulence, and other motions of high-temperature plasma in high-energy celestial bodies like galaxy clusters and black holes with unparalleled precision.

The Nagoya University group, led by Assoc. Prof. Nakazawa of KMI, plays a pivotal role in both the XRISM satellite’s science operation team and the spectrometer’s development team. Prof. Nakazawa is leading the “user support” team, supporting scientists worldwide in making the best use of the XRISM satellite. For details please read this article (Japanese only).

Regarding the observations by the XRISM satellite, Assoc. Prof. Nakazawa commented as follows:

The precise X-ray spectroscopy of XRISM has incredible accuracy, and using the Doppler effect, it can clearly measure the “velocity” of high-energy celestial bodies in the universe for the first time in the world.
It boasts overwhelming performance, allowing us to observe phenomena like the merging of the largest celestial bodies in the universe, galaxy clusters, the manner in which gas falls into black holes, and even the space-time distortion by general relativity.
The observation results from XRISM will show us the dynamic nature of the universe, and I am looking forward to these observations.

For more information about the launch, please visit the YouTube Live as we countdown to the launch!

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