KMI School 2019
International Symposium

Poster Award

The Best Poster Award 2019 winners are Mr. Horai and Mr. Kojima. Congratulations! 

1st place: Toshiaki Horai (Okayama Univ.)“Measurement of gamma-rays from neutron-oxygen reaction for neutrino-nucleus interaction”
1st place: Kazuki Kojima (Nagoya Univ.) “Study on the gain variation of the MCP-PMT in the Belle II environment”

Mr. Kojima (center) and Mr. Horai (right) with Prof. Iijima, the president of KMI School 2019

I feel very happy. I will do my best to analysis. I hope you will be looking forward to my progress! – Toshiaki

I am surprised and really honored to receive the poster award. I thank the member of my laboratory. We will start the Belle II experiment next month and give you new results and new physics with the fantastic MCP-PMT. Don’t miss it! – Kazuki