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We will introduce seminar information organized or sponsored by KMI.

19 2022 JAN
2022-01-19 17:30
A brief review on primordial black hole formation and recent related topics
Chulmoon Yoo (Nagoya University)
KMI Topics
8 2021 DEC
Wednesday, Dec. 8th, 2021
The search for primordial gravitational waves from cosmic inflation with CMB experiments in the Atacama desert and space
Dr. Yuji Chinone (Univ. of Tokyo)
KMI Colloquium
25 2021 NOV
Thursday, Nov. 25th, 2021
The pursuit of the most general gravity theory
Prof. Masahide Yamaguchi (Tokyo Tech)
KMI Colloquium
13 2021 OCT
Wednesday, Oct. 13th, 2021
Recent developments in JT gravity
Prof. Kazumi Okuyama (Shinshu U.)
KMI Colloquium
29 2021 SEP
Wednesday, Sep. 29th, 2021
Fate of quarkonia in the quark-gluon plasma
 Prof. Yukinao Akamatsu (Osaka Univ.)
KMI Colloquium
22 2021 SEP
2021-09-22 17:30
Glueball dark matter in SU(N) lattice gauge theory
Nodoka Yamanaka (KMI, Nagoya University)
KMI Topics
28 2021 JUL
Wednesday, July 28th, 2021
Research and development of xenon bubble chamber detector for underground experiments
Dr. Yoshihito Gando (Tohoku University)
KMI Colloquium
14 2021 JUL
2021-07-14 17:30
Status and prospect for SuperKEKB/Belle II Experiment
Keisuke Yoshihara (KMI, Nagoya University)
KMI Topics
24 2021 JUN
Thursday, June 24th, 2021
On the 4-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory
Chunshan Lin (Jagiellonian University)
KMI Theory Seminar
23 2021 JUN
Jun. 23, 2021
Muon source development for the J-PARC muon g-2/EDM experiment
Kazuhito Suzuki (KMI, Nagoya University)
KMI Topics