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We will introduce seminar information organized or sponsored by KMI.

25 2023 SEP
Monday, Sep. 25th, 2023
Primordial magnetogenesis in multicomponent dark matter
Dr. Filippo Anzuini (University of Melbourne)
KMI Theory Seminar
20 2023 SEP
Spectroscopy of muonic helium hyperfine structure and reporalization of negative muon at J-PARC
Seiso Fukumura (Phi-lab, Nagoya Univ.)
KMI Topics
4 2023 AUG
Friday, August 4th, 2023
Hunting the WIMP: The path towards the ultimate direct detection experiment
Dr. Adam Brown, University of Freiburg
KMI Experiment Seminar
25 2023 JUL
Dark Matter Candidate within the Standard Model
Glennys Farrar (New York University)
KMI Experiment Seminar
13 2023 JUL
17:00 - 18:00
Holographic Universe from Quantum Information
Tadashi Takayanagi (YITP Kyoto University, Inamori Research Institute for Science, Kavli IPMU University of Tokyo)
KMI Colloquium
14 2023 JUN
Wednesday, June 14th, 2023
Observation of MeV gamma-ray in the Galactic Center region using an electron tracking Compton telescope loaded on balloons
Atsushi Takada (Kyoto Univ.)
KMI Colloquium
31 2023 MAY
Wednesday, May 31th, 2023
How baryons appear in low-energy QCD: Domain-wall Skyrmion phase in strong magnetic fields
Muneto NITTA (Keio Univ.)
KMI Colloquium
13 2023 APR
Thursday, Apr. 13th, 2023
Dark Matter Detection via the Excitation of Qubits
Takeo MOROI (Univ. of Tokyo)
KMI Colloquium
27 2023 FEB
Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 2023
Machines to hunt ghost particles in big data
Kazuhiro TERAO (SLAC)
KMI Colloquium
25 2023 JAN
Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2023
Exploring the Nature of the Dark Matter by Direct Searches
Kentaro Miuchi (Department of Physics, Kobe University)
KMI Colloquium