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The 1st KMI Flash was held!


The first “KMI Flash” hybrid – face-to-face and remote – conference was held on Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Due to the COVID19 disaster, students and young researchers have fewer opportunities to interact and present their research across fields and generations. Therefore, KMI Flash, a research presentation event for students and young researchers in the field of elementary particles and cosmology/astrophysics at Nagoya University, was organized by volunteers from KMI young researchers.

There are different approaches and specialties in astro/particle physics, such as theoretical research, accelerator experiments, and cosmic ray observations. Using KMI as a platform, KMI Flash aims to facilitate exchanges that transcend disciplines and generations. For students in particular, KMI Flash provides a valuable training opportunity to introduce their research accurately and attractively to a wide range of audiences, including non-specialist students, young faculty, and senior faculty.

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This year, there were 68 participants and 30 speakers. Many young researchers and students participated in the event and gave flash talks of 5 minutes each, which were very successful with well-prepared presentations and enthusiastic questions and answers.


After the talks, the participants voted to select the best presenters as follows.

“Best Research Award” for presentations that best convey the significance of the research.

  • Tomohiro ISHIKAWA:  重力波検出器における輻射圧雑音キャンセルの開発 (Investigation of radiation-pressure-noise cancellation method for gravitational wave detectors)
  • Takamasa KANAI: アイランド仮説とブレーンワールド熱力学(Islands prescription and Braneworld thermodynamics)
  • Takuhiro FUJIIE:  中性子干渉計を用いた新物理探索 (Neutron Interferometry Probes New Physics)
  • Shoki IWAGUCHI: 原始重力波観測のための変位雑音フリー中性子干渉計の開発と現状 (Development of displacement-noise-free neutron interferometer for primordial gravitational waves detection)

“Best Self Presentation Award” for presentations in which the speakers’ contributions are clear.

  • Motoko FUJIWARA: Identification of Dark Matter Spin
  • Yuki OMIYA: 初期の衝突銀河団CIZA J1358.9 -4750における衝撃波のX 線およびSZ 信号の比較 (Shock heating of  an early phase cluster merger,CIZA J1358.9 -4750 ~Comparison of X-ray and SZ signal~)
  • Takuhiro FUJIIE: 中性子干渉計を用いた新物理探索 (Neutron Interferometry Probes New Physics)


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