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Recent topics from the LHCf experiment

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2015-07-08 17:30
Yoshitaka Itow
KMI Science Symposia (ES635)

The LHCf experiment carries out dedicated measurements of neutral particle productions at the very forward region of LHC IP1. Two detectors consisting of a pair of compact electromagnetic sampling calorimeters are installed at 140 m apart from the IP1 covering the pesudorapidity range eta from 8.6 to infinity.

So far measurements of energy spectra for gamma rays, neutral pions, and neutrons have been measured for 7TeV or 0.9 TeV p-p collisions. LHCf has also reported neutral pions from p-Pb collisions at root sNN = 5.02 TeV. Obtained results are compared with the existing cosmic ray interaction models, SYBILL, QGSJETII, DPMJET3, and EPOS. The measured data are well bracketed by these models, although none of them could completely reproduce the data.

In June 2015 LHCf was re-installed and successfully obtained 13 TeV p-p data at 13 TeV exchanging triggers with ATLAS. Current achievement of LHCf experiment and the first look of 13 TeV data as well as future prospects for possible very forward measurement for p-p or p-light ions at RHIC or future LHC will be presented.