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SUSY scales in the gauge-Higgs unifcation

KMI Theory Seminar
2011-11-22 16:30
Hisaki Hatanaka
Lecture Room (ES034)

In the SO(5)   U(1) gauge-Higgs uni cation in the Randall-Sundrum (RS) warped space the Higgs boson naturally becomes stable. The model is consistent with the current collider signatures only for a large warp factor zL > 10^15 of the RS space. In order for stable Higgs bosons to explain the dark matter of the present Universe the Higgs boson must have a mass mh = 70 ~ 75 GeV, which can be obtained in the non-SUSY model with zL~105. We show that this discrepancy is resolved in a supersymmetric gauge-Higgs uni cation with a stop mass m_stop = 480 ~505 GeV and gaugino masses > 1TeV. (arXiv:1111.3756[hep-ph])