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Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD

KMI Colloquium
2022-06-08 17:00
Takumi DOI (RIKEN)

KMI colloquium” 8th June (Wed)  17:00 –
Speaker :Takumi DOI (RIKEN)
Title :Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD
Place : zoom

One of the most fundamental questions in nuclear physics is how nuclear physics itself emerges from the underlying theory, quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The determination of hadron interactions from QCD plays a crucial role to answer this question and I present the latest status of the first-principles lattice QCD calculation of hadron interactions. I introduce a novel theoretical framework, HAL QCD method, and present the lattice QCD results obtained near the physical point. The physical implications for exotic dibaryons, equation of state of high dense matter and the structure of neutron stars are discussed. Future prospects with the world’s fastest supercomputer “Fugaku” are also given.