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A new dawn of spectroscopy

KMI Colloquium
2022-01-26 17:00
Dr. Franz Muheim (Edinburgh University)

KMI colloquium”   26th Jan. (Wed)  17:00
Speaker : Dr. Franz Muheim (Edinburgh University)
Title : A new dawn of spectroscopy
Place : zoom

Over 60 hadrons have been discovered at the LHC during the last decade, which has renew the interest
in spectroscopy. Many of these new resonances are of exotic nature.
I will discuss recent results from the LHCb experiment together with an overview of the current status of spectroscopy.
In particular I will focus on exotic states, such as tetraquark and pentaquark states.
As example, a study of the properties of the recently observed doubly charmed Tcc state will be presented.