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Fate of quarkonia in the quark-gluon plasma

KMI Colloquium
2021-09-29 16:30
 Prof. Yukinao Akamatsu (Osaka Univ.)

KMI colloquium”   29th Sep. (Wed)  16:30-
SpeakerProf. Yukinao Akamatsu (Osaka Univ.)
Title : Fate of quarkonia in the quark-gluon plasma

Abstract:Quarkonia are bound states of a heavy quark pair and have been utilized to study its surrounding environment, including the QCD vacuum. In the relativistic heavy-ion collisions, suppression of quarkonia yield has been considered as an ideal signal for the experimental production of deconfined matter, the quark-gluon plasma (QGP).

In the last decade, this problem has been reconsidered using the framework of open quantum systems. In the colloquium, I will first give a general introduction to decoherence and dissipation and their description by open system approach. Then, I will apply the method to derive quantum evolution equations (Lindblad equations) of quarkonia in various regimes and show some recent numerical simulations of these Lindblad equations.

The colloquium will be held via ZOOM.