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Introduction to Mindfulness

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2021-01-20 17:40
Kaori Yonemura(Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor)

As the workplace has become more diverse and fast-paced, we are forced to perform and make decisions in the face of ever-increasing stress and instability. Recognising the need to manage these situations, an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies and universities have started offering mindfulness and mind training to integrate these principles to their daily work environments.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and surrounding environment. This is a practice of being fully present and alive, which brings concentration, clarity and compassionate attention to what is happening here and now. In this special lecture, you will be introduced the theories and benefits of mindfulness, experiencing what it feels like through a guided meditation. It is a great opportunity to learn a new stress management technique as well as to cultivate deeper understanding of yourself and