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“Test of Lorentz and CPT violation with Neutrinos “

KMI Colloquium
2020-07-08 17:00
Teppei Katori (King’s College London)

 “KMI colloquium”    8th July (Wed)  17:00-

Speaker : Prof. Teppei Katori (King’s College London)

Title : “Test of Lorentz and CPT violation with Neutrinos”

Poster : Colloquim_Katori_20200708_nopass
Abstract : Lorentz symmetry is a fundamental symmetry for both the Standard Model and general relativity. However, the violation of Lorentz symmetry, or Lorentz violation, has been shown to occur in quantum-gravity motivated models, and there is a worldwide effort to look for Lorentz violation. The expected effect of Lorentz violation is tiny, however, interference experiments and other special systems can gain enough sensitivity to search for it. Since neutrino oscillation is a natural interferometer, neutrinos offer a natural place to search for Lorentz violation.

The colloquium will be held via ZOOM.