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Probing BSM Physics with Cosmological Magnetic Fields

KMI Topics
2019-12-11 17:30
Takeshi Kobayashi (KMI, Nagoya University)
Lounge in front of ES635 KMI Science Symposia

Cosmological and astrophysical observations over the years have revealed that our universe is magnetized on various length scales. In this talk, I will discuss how cosmological magnetic fields can be used to probe fundamental physics. I will first review the observational status of the magnetic fields in our universe. Next, I will show the need for physics beyond the Standard Model to explain the origin of the magnetic fields, by refuting the long-standing claim that the Weyl anomaly of quantum electrodynamics can produce seed magnetic fields in the early universe. I will then describe efforts to build models of magnetic field generation within beyond-the-Standard-Model physics, as well as the challenges such as the saturation due to the Schwinger process. Finally, I will introduce recent ideas for overcoming the difficulties and obtaining a comprehensive theory of our magnetized universe.