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Bottomonia: exploring low energy QCD with heavy quarks

KMI Experiment Seminar
2018-11-26 17:00
Umberto Tamponi
KMI Science Symposia (ES635)

The Quantum-Chromodynamics can be regarded as an inner frontier of the standard model. Despite being understood in its high-energy regime, it still evades a comprehensive description when it comes to the low-energy, non-perturbative regime where most of the processes that are more relevant to our understanding of the ordinary matter take place. The formation of hadrons from colored quarks, the structure of the proton, and the inner structure of the neutron stars all belong to this still poorly understood sector of the standard model.
One of the many possible approaches to this problem is the study of the bound stats of heavy quarks. Heavy mesons, in particular the bottomonium states, offer a theoretically simple environment in which to test new description of the low energy color interaction on a wide scale of energies: from few MeV, up to several GeV when annihilation processes are considered.

In this seminar we will first outline the basic ideas and the status of the bottomonium physics. We will then describe more in detail the potential of the measurement that will be performed at the Belle II experiment, ranging from the spectroscopy of the tetraquark-like states to the study of the hyperon-hyperon interactions.