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Halal Food 

Restaurant map:map1_Halal (c)T.Abe/KMI

Food Diaries: Finding Halal Food at Nagoya University                                                                                                                                          

Finding Halal Food at Nagoya University

Hi, I am Fai from Indonesia 😊. I am currently a second year in G30 Automotive Engineering and I am a Moslem.

If you’re a Moslem like me, then finding halal food would be one of our important considerations when we decide
where we will continue our life. With the increase in Muslim tourism in Japan nowadays, providing halal food is
getting more and more attention from food producers, especially in places with many tourists.

This article is all about finding Halal Food in Nagoya University and Nagoya City.



Example of menu including halal food being offered at one of the school’s cafeteria

Being one of the universities that admits many international students, Nagoya University tries to cater to the styles of life,
including providing Halal menu in the School’s Cafeterias. Focusing mainly on the Higashiyama Campus,
a few cafeterias in both the north and south side of the campus provide halal recommended food as shown in the picture.
We can just go to one of these cafeterias when we are too busy to cook for ourselves.

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