First Circular

Sakata Memorial KMI Mini-Workshop on
"Strong Coupling Gauge Theories Beyond the Standard Model"

March 5 (Wednesday) - March 7 (Friday), 2014

Science Symposia (ES 635), 6th Floor of ES Building
Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI)
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

First Circular

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss theoretical and phenomenological issues of strong coupling gauge theories beyond the standard model, in particular the composite models for the electroweak physics in the context of LHC experiments and lattice simulations. Synergy of the lattice, string and phenomenological studies at the meeting will be extremely important in this phase of the particle physics.
Shoichi Sakata at Nagoya University proposed in 1956 the Sakata model, a composite model for hadrons, which paved a way to the quark model and eventually to the Standard Model today. We are inspired by his never-ending enthusiasm seeking the deeper level of matter.
The workshop is the 9th of the Nagoya SCGT workshop series after SCGT 88, SCGT 90, SCGT 96, SCGT 02, SCGT 06, SCGT09, SCGT12Mini and SCGT12, and is similar in spirit to the previous ones. See for details of some of them:
SCGT12 (
SCGT12Mini (
SCGT 09 (
SCGT 06 (
SCGT 02 ( and
SCGT 96 (

1. Sponsorship

Sponsored by:
Financial support from:
  Nagoya University,
  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S): No.22224003,
  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C): No.23540300,
  Daiko Foundation.

2. Tentative Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule of the Workshop. Some of the invited talks are planned so as to include recent developments and talks of shorter duration will also be arranged. There will be ample opportunities for discussions involving the speakers and the participants.

March 5 (Wed.)
  8:30-9:00 Bread & Coffee & Reception Desk
  9:00-12:00 Morning Session
  12:00-13:30 Group Photo & Lunch
  13:30-17:00 Afternoon Session
  18:00-20:00 Welcome Party

March 6 (Thur.)
  8:30-9:00 Bread & Coffee & Free Discussions
  9:00-12:00 Morning Session
  12:00-13:30 Lunch
  13:30-17:00 Afternoon Session
  17:00-18:00 Discussions
  18:00-20:00 Banquet

March 7 (Fri.)
  8:30-9:00 Bread & Coffee & Free Discussions
  9:00-12:00 Morning Session
  12:00-13:30 Lunch
  13:30-17:00 Afternoon Session
  17:00-20:00 Discussions & Group Dinner

3. Topics

• LHC Phenomenology of the Walking Technicolor
• Lattice Studies of Conformal Strong Dynamics
• String and Holographic View of Strong Coupling Gauge Theories
• Composite Models for Higgs and others
• Dilaton and Conformal Symmetry in Strong Coupling Gauge Theories
• Other Related Topics

4. Site of the Workshop

The workshop sessions will be held at:
  Science Symposia (ES 635)
  6th Floor of ES Building (KMI Building)
  KMI, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602, Japan

5. Accommodations

Limited number of on-campus accommodations will be available.Those who would be interested, please contact us.

6. Participation

Although a large part of participation will be by invitation, we do encourage applications from all those who would be interested and would appreciate it if you could pass on to others the information about the workshop. Due to shortage of funds, participants would need to arrange their own support for travel and local expenses.

Speakers will include:
T.W. Appelquist (Yale)*, R.S. Chivukula (Michigan State), L. Del Debbio (Edinburgh), N. Evans (Southampton), P. de Forcrand (ETH/CERN)*, H. Georgi (Harvard)*, T. Gherghetta (Melbourne/Minnesota)*, A. Hasenfratz (Colorado), D.-K. Hong (Pusan), Y. Iwasaki (Tsukuba/KEK), J.B. Kogut (DOE/Maryland)*, J. Kuti (UC San Diego), M.P. Lombardo (Frascati)*, V.A. Miransky (Western Ontario), R. Shrock (Stony Brook), E.H. Simmons (Michigan State), J. Sonnenschein (Tel-Aviv), and more.
* : to be confirmed

7. Registration

Those who attend the workshop please make on-line registration (available from Jan. 7, 2014) at our web site
by February 7, 2014 (Fri.) (JST)
There is no registration fee.

8. Organizing Committee

Yasumichi Aoki, Tatsumi Aoyama, Hidenori Fukano, Masafumi Kurachi, Toshihide Maskawa (Chair), Shinya Matsuzaki, Kohtaroh Miura, Kei-ichi Nagai, Hiroshi Ohki, Tadakatsu Sakai, Koichi Yamawaki (Co-Chair), Takeshi Yamazaki

9. Further information

For further details and information please visit our website:

10. Correspondence

For further correspondence and information please contact

SCGT14Mini Secretariat
Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI)
Nagoya University
Nagoya, 464-8602