Sakata Memorial KMI Workshop on
"Origin of Mass and Strong Coupling Gauge Theories"


March 3 (Tuesday) - March 6 (Friday), 2015

Sakata-Hirata Hall, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan 


The purpose of this workshop is to discuss theoretical and phenomenological issues of strong coupling gauge theories as well as those in extreme conditions, particularly in view of the new phase of the LHC experiments and the conformal fixed point for the gauge/gravity. Synergy of the lattice, string and phenomenological studies at the meeting will be extremely important in this phase of the particle physics. 

Shoichi Sakata at Nagoya University proposed in 1956 the Sakata model, a composite model for hadrons, which paved a way to the quark model and eventually to the Standard Model today. We are inspired by his never-ending enthusiasm seeking the deeper level of matter. 

The workshop is the 10th of the Nagoya SCGT workshop series after SCGT 88, SCGT 90, SCGT 96, SCGT 02, SCGT 06, SCGT09, SCGT12Mini, SCGT12 and SCGT14Mini, and is similar in spirit to the previous ones. See for details of some of them: 


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  • Dynamical Origin of Mass in Strong Coupling Gauge Theories
  • Phenomenological Signatures of Strong Coupling Theories at LHC
  • Dilaton and Conformal Symmetry in Strong Coupling Gauge Theories and Gravity
  • Lattice Studies of Conformal Strong Dynamics
  • String and Holographic View of Strong Coupling Gauge Theories
  • Composite Models and Hidden Local Symmetries/Extra Dimensions
  • Nonpertubative Fixed Point of Gravity and Higgs
  • Strong Coupling Gauge Theories at Extreme Conditions and LHC
  • Strong Coupling Theories and Cosmology
  • Other Related Topics