Nagoya University: Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI)

Nagoya University


KMI Mini-Workshop 2014
"Fluctuations, collectivity and correlations at RHIC and LHC"
Bjoern Schenke
October 23, 2014 (Thu) 14:00-
KMI Science Symposia (ES635)

Fluctuations, collectivity and correlations in high-energy nuclear collisions
I present an overview of recent theoretical results on the azimuthal anisotropy of particle production in heavy ion and light-heavy ion collisions. I discuss the role of viscous fluid dynamics in describing the experimentally observed anisotropies and stress the importance of the initial state and its fluctuations. I will also discuss the role of initial state correlations in the color glass that are often neglected.