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KMI Workshop「Future Perspective in Cosmology and Gravity」を開催しました

KMI Workshop参加者の集合写真

2019年4月2日から4日にて、KMIワークショップ「Future perspective in Cosmology and Gravity」を開催しました。今回のワークショップは、KMIと国立台湾大学 Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics(LeCosPA)の交流を目的としてKMI主催で開催され、約50名の参加者による活発な議論が行われました(内、台湾から11名)。
招待講演には、LeCosPAからJiwooNam氏、台湾のNational Changhua University of EducationからShih-Yuin Lin氏、九州大学から棚橋典大氏、東邦大学・名古屋大学から中竜大氏、名古屋大学から宮武広直氏に来ていただきました。

This tremendous joy, I found this first workshop between KMI, Nagoya University and LeCosPA, National Taiwan University organized by Prof. Keisuke Izumi extremely inspiring. To my knowledge, this is a rather unique workshop in the sense that its primary goal is to promote the collaboration between our two institutions whose science missions are highly overlapped, in searching for the fundamental understanding of the universe, while physicists currently not belonged to either KMI or LeCosPA, but whose research is associated with our two centers’ main directions are also welcome.  Through the three-day workshop, I had learned so many exciting research directions pursued by the KMI colleagues. I am particularly pleased to see the very nice works presented by the students on our both sides. This workshop serves as a wonderful forum for our students to train themselves in their communication skills, some for the first time in their career.  I pledged to carry on the banner incepted and wonderfully organized by Prof. Izumi to host the next KMI-LeCosPA Workshop in Taipei so as to further promote the collaboration between our two institutions.

国立台湾大学LeCosPA 所長 Pisin Chen教授



Pisin Chen教授(LeCosPA)、泉圭介助教(KMI)、招待講演者の皆さん


また、ワークショップ最終日の翌日4月5日には、LeCosPA所長のPisin Chen氏と共